Garden Home Architects

In this context, one would do well to remember that "bigger" seldom if ever "equates with "better"! A huge, formal living room capable of accommodating a crowd will feel overwhelmingly large and, thus, uncomfortable to be in for a family of 4 or 5. Hence, it will be used only on "Occasions-of-State", NOT on an every day basis. The same is true for a dining room that can seat 8, or more, people. Feeling lost in it, the family will therefore use it only when they have family or friends over for dinner, for the kids to do their homework, or to wrap Christmas presents! And, while we are at it, why have an enormous and imposing, two story, hotel-like, "foyer", where a smaller, friendlier, and vastly more inviting entrance hall would do just fine? If those rooms and spaces don't really contribute to your quality of life, why not do away with them and integrate their functions with the "family roomâˆ'kitchen" combination where you spend 80%+ of your (awake and at home) time? Why waste a ton of money on Joules Wellies , and space (and furnishings) you don't need and will hardly ever use? If you can afford to, why not spend that extra cash on Hunter wellington boots , or creating a home the exterior and interior of which looks (and feels) like a jewelry box instead of an oversized packing crate and offers some, or all, of the many features discussed below?

What all this means is that, the more "dedicated" and "tailored" (not necessarily, the smaller} the home, the more important it is that EVERY sq ft of its available space is designed to be able to pull double duty; i.e. that every bit of space and every nook and cranny returns a maximum of usefulness, satisfaction, happiness, and joy! You can browse more information about garden sheds direct from .

Why have a real garden instead of just some cookie-cutter "landscaping", a high maintenance lawn, and a sea of empty, unused (useless) space? Because in these days of sky-high realty prices and property taxes, the cost of owning, say, a 1/2 acre (21,780sft) lot has risen to the point where most folks are now paying anywhere from $0.25 to $0.30 annually in mortgage interest, property taxes, and maintenance costs for EVERY square foot of the land around their homes whether they use it or not! In the case of a house and a driveway with a combined footprint of âˆ'sayâˆ' 4,000sft that means that the owners pay anywhere from $4,445 to $5,334 annually for the "privilege" of owning the remaining 17,780sft of (usually) open and unused property! NOT to put some, if not all, of that land to the private (exclusive) use and enjoyment of its owners is being viewed, more and more, as a ridiculous waste of both the money AND the land involved! Check out for a look at how Log cabins could provide you with the answer